Handcrafted coconut soy blend candles

With a variety of scents to suit any mood or occasion, let one of our non toxic, vegan and clean burning candles bring warmth and comfort into your home. $1 from the sale of every 8.5oz candle goes to local Calgary charities.

Science tells us that scent has the unique ability to bring back memories and emotions we may not be able to recall otherwise. We have worked hard to bring these moments through in our candles to invoke feelings and memories of comfort, joy and carefree days.

2021 Donations

For 2021, $1 from each 8.5oz candle will be donated to The Calgary Distress Centre. We chose the Distress Centre because of the growing demand for resources and support during the uncertainty of the pandemic and all the important work the Centre does for our community.


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Candle Care

Let's make sure your candle lasts as long as possible! Wooden wicks are beautiful and unique, but they come with more responsibilty when it comes to wick maintenance. Click here to look over our tips and tricks and keep your candle burning it's brightest.

Care Tips